Agriculture, Food and Beverage

Our Mission
Our Mission

Sustainably and nutritiously feeding a growing global population.

Did you know? Yields of staple crops that keep much of the world fed may decline by a third if efforts to curb emissions don’t increase.

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These 10 start-ups are transforming food security in arid environments

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Agriculture, Food and Beverage
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SDG 02: Zero Hunger

Our Impact

AI for agriculture: How Indian farmers are harnessing emerging technologies to sustainably increase productivity

Our Initiatives

The project aims to strengthen policy recommendations on Agriculture 4.0 frameworks derived from a more significant period of time reading data from ongoing pilots (installed in 2021), the replication of pilots in more areas of the national territory and the inclusion of Blockchain use cases in the study.

This is a multi-sector movement catalyzing economic efforts to halt biodiversity loss by 2030 and live in harmony with nature.

100 Million Farmers is a multistakeholder platform catalysing action to transition to net-zero, nature-positive food systems by 2030. It sets out a shared global ambition while supporting local solutions that incentivize farmers and empower consumers to place climate, nature and resilience at the core of the food economy.

The Food Action Alliance is a leading multi-stakeholder platform for scaling food systems innovation and impact, by mobilizing collective action, partnerships, and investments in leading national food systems strategies and flagship initiatives that demonstrate the best of what is possible in food systems transformation.


Crowdsource Innovation

We're proposing an innovative alternative to simply setting aside large tracts of forests for biodiversity conservation, or intensively exploiting natural resources.

Our solution involves sustainable, traceable seaweed cultivation to utilize biomass for the production of less-carbon-intensive products.

Our system captures farm and farmer data via an easy-to-use application, to analyse and use for training purposes.

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We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make a positive change.

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