Our Mission
Our Mission

To support every individual and organization to securely benefit from ongoing digital and technological progress.

Did you know? A ransomware attack once hobbled services in Atlanta including police dashboard cameras.

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How can we combat the worrying rise in the use of deepfakes in cybercrime?

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Transformation Map
Internet Governance
Transformation Map
Digital Identity

Our Impact

Delivering free and globally accessible cybersecurity training

Our Initiatives

Global experts explain how cybersecurity impacts our lives and where collaboration can make our societies resilient against cyber attacks.

This initiative aims to provide a global trusted platform convening multi-stakeholders to strengthen cyber resilience across the industrial manufacturing ecosystem.

This partnership brings together law enforcement agencies, international organizations, companies, service and platform providers, and not-for-profit alliances.

This initiative aims to foster international cooperation and dialogues between public and private sector leaders to embed cyber resilience in the business culture and operating models and take a systemic approach to risk management.

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We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make a positive change.

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